750 Motor Club Launches Golf 175 GTD Race Series for 2011

The 750 Motor Club, the home of low cost motor sport has announced today that it plans to launch a new race series for 2011, and excitingly it will be the first race series in the UK dedicated to diesel powered cars.

The club has a long history of being an innovator in motorsport, their previous successes including Formula Student, SAXMAX and Stock Hatch, and once again they are leading the way with this new Diesel powered series.

However the Diesel Golf Series is not just another one make series, it will use a race prepared version of the highly successful Diesel powered VW Golf 130PS model, fitted with a mandated kit of parts that includes all the key safety equipment and upgrades to suspension, engine management system and tyres, and the prediction is that performance on track will be great, especially with 175 PS via a six speed gearbox available to the driver.

The series will be officially launched at the upcoming Autosport International Show in January 2011, where they will be displaying the first car built. Aimed at both first time racers and experienced drivers who want to progress towards the British Touring Car Championship competition, the cars will run cut slick tyres and will be, in true 750 club style, very cost effective to race.

The stated aim of the series is to provide close and exciting racing with cars that produce 170 PS and huge torque at cost effective levels, the target price for a 'ready to race' professionally converted road car is £12,000 and with a planned 6 race program starting in mid-2011 a total budget of £18,000 is achievable.

A self-build option will be available, the mandated kit must be purchased from the club's authorised supplier, once built the car will be checked for compliance and provided with a declaration of conformance, allowing it to be entered the race series.

Alan Harding is leading the project for the 750 Motor Club and said that he is amazed at the level of interest being expressed by suppliers, indeed several have expressed an interest in sponsoring the series and racing in it themselves.

The Series title sponsor is Demon Tweeks, who will be supplying the majority of the kit to convert the road car to a racer, the club are also pleased to welcome series technical partners Revo Technik Limited supplying the custom engine management system, One Fuel supplying the fuel and Bilstein and Eibach Springs the uprated suspension.

This is very encouraging for the club, which despite the difficult economic climate has enjoyed strong grids during the 2010 season, a demonstration that getting the balance of types of race series and race costs right, is a winning formula.